Meeting Program

2017 Midwestern Conference on Cognitive Science, Miami University

Short Program

Friday, June 30, 2017

16:00 – 19:00 Registration, Marcum Conference Center

17:00 – 19:00 Poster Session and Reception, Marcum Conference Center

Saturday, July 1, 2017


07:45 Continental Breakfast (Psychology Atrium)

Multimodal, Spatial Perception and Action I (Psychology 125)

08:30 The Impact of signal quality in audiovisual speech integration (Hannah Shatzer)

08:55 Modeling sources of variation in confusion pattern with multilevel general recognition theory (Noah Silbert)

09:20 Potential linkage between two non-parametric theories: Examining the characteristic
properties of cognitive process with perceptual integral stimuli (Yanjun Liu)

09:45 Uncovering the temporal dynamics of scene processing using Event-Related Potentials (Assaf Harel)

Applied, Social, and Decision Cognitive Sciences I (Psychology 131)

08:30 More guidance is better when learning by inventing (Phillip Newman)

08:55 Using Wizard of Oz experiments in discourse research (Colin Widmer)

09:20 Using Rasch modeling to improve a survey measure of burnout among medical students (Yang Shi)

09:45 Using embodied cognition to understand safe traffic infrastructure design (Ed Baggs)

10:10 Coffee break (Psychology Atrium)

Multimodal, Spatial Perception and Action II (Psychology 125)

10:25 Multimodal perception of the inertia tensor for heaviness reports in virtual reality                      (Patrick Nalepka)

10:50 Peripheral vision is sufficient for acquiring structural spatial knowledge during virtual navigation (Lisa Douglas)

11:15 Perception of non-linear characteristics of posture (Jay Smart)

11:40 Dynamic Constraints on Cognitive Activity (Colin Annand)

Learning, Memory and Categorization I (Psychology 131)

10:25 An investigation on the relationship between supervised and unsupervised learning behavior (Charles Doan)

10:50 What does coreference cost? Regressing reading times to coreference-based predictors (Evan Jaffe)

11:15 Using event cognition to improve prospective memory (Andrea Kalchik)

11:40 Open

12:05 Lunch (on your own)

on campus: Bob & Doris ’52 Pulley Diner & Sundial Pizza (both in Armstrong Student Center)


Applied, Social, and Decision Cognitive Sciences II (Psychology 125)

13:40 Complexity matching in individual and distributed cognition (Mary Jean Amon)

14:05 An Analytic representation of an ACT-R model of fatigue (Joe Houpt)

14:30 Utilizing Big Data techniques for parsing large eye tracking data files in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) research (Mary Frame)

14:55 Decision-making processes for adapting to weather variability in Kenya (Kurt Waldman)

Learning, Memory and Categorization II (Psychology 131)

13:40 Some new perspectives on the integral dimensions concept learning difficulty ordering (Ronaldo Vigo)

14:05 Feature selection and the complexity of big and small datasets from the standpoint of a formal theory of concept learning (Basawaraj Basawaraj)

14:30 An algorithm and program for generating any family of category structures and their instances (Abdalah El-Barrad)

14:55 On the categorization of human faces (Colleen Cowgill)

15:20 Break (psychology Atrium)

Neuroscience: Mechanisms and Models (Psychology 125)

15:45 Causal and coincident contributions of striatal dopamine to cognitive flexibility (Anna Radke)

16:00 How simple coupled neuron models lead to simple models of MAX selection and Winner-Take-All competition for perception (Vince Billock)

16:25 End of Conference